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Abbas Muni,

Operating in the role of Director, Orange Advertising

Professional experience of 16 years, spread across Broadcaster, Media Agencies and Advertisers.

Extensively involved in Media & Brand Strategies, Acquisitions, New Channel Launch, Revenue Planning and New Media/Technology including Mobile TV

Abbas Muni has been involved with some of the major National and International Media Houses in various capacity; such as…

  • Sony Entertainment Network, in the role of Head of Strategic Planning
  • Group M – Apart from Heading some of the Key accounts like Vodafone, Star TV, Castrol, etc., also played the role of Head of Television Buying
  • British Petroleum – Head of Media
  • Zee TV, Rediffusion DY & R amongst the other

A Software engineer from NCC UK, A Masters Degree in the Business Management from the Sydenham Institute of Management, Mumbai and A Law Graduate from the Government Law College, Mumbai.